Aftershock Analyses

We have been awash with pundits and bloggers giving us their opinion as to what happened during last Tuesday’s election earthquake and why. Some have been a rush to judgment, but others have offered helpful analysis on what happened and on the way forward. Here are links to a few that I think are worth reading:

A Proverbs 29:2b Culture by Fred Butler, director and coordinator of the volunteer ministries at Grace to You.

Post-election 2012 Debriefing by Dan Phillips, pastor and author.

And a pair of posts by J. E. Dyer, a retired US Naval intelligence officer:

2012 election: Time-out from history definitively over

2012 Election: After a bad outcome, a downpayment on hope

Nothing bad that America has gone through has lacked a precedent in history. People keep doing the same old things, no matter what we call them or how many times they end in sorrow. History never did end; history’s father is the human heart. . . .

We must learn from the past, because each one of us, when he is born, is the finger of the past pointed at the world we happen to be alive in. We are no better today, and no worse, than our most distant ancestors were. We behave with exactly the same motivations and fears, aspirations and evil. History was there all along, and it has settled on us with a vengeance.

I’ve seen a cartoon making the rounds with a caption that reads, “Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.” That’s only too true! But history is something we live in, and something that we create ourselves day by day. Last week was a part of history, and we need to understand its causes and consequences. Not so we can stand by helplessly, but so we can better grasp what those warning signals are saying and get a few others to understand it as well!

Image from The Federalist Papers on Facebook.

What are your thoughts?

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