Obamacare: The propaganda and lobbying machine revs up

J. E. Dyer has written an excellent post containing valuable analysis and research on the details on the current and coming propagandizing work of the Obamacare-oriented PR industry. Take the time to read it so that you’ll be informed. I take her assessment seriously because I know from reading her work that she stays on an even keel and isn’t prone to hyperbole.

Considering the timing of her post with the series I’ve been doing on propaganda, these words held my attention.

The ways in which this differs from the propaganda organs of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Communist world are less and less significant with each day that passes….

Advertising is a dangerous thing in the hands of the armed state.  I am no more in favor of Republican administrations spending a lot of money on it than of Democrats doing so. With Obamacare, we have reached the fork in the road.  A government with the powers conferred by Obamacare cannot, on principle, be trusted to “advertise” its policies to us. The inevitable descent into untrustworthy propaganda has already begun. Until Obamacare is repealed, it will continue to get worse.

The poster of Stalin and a young child was on her blog! We’re not coordinating on our writing either, but I think it’s obvious I’m not the only one concerned about the effect of manipulative propaganda. This coming PR assault underscores the importance of being able to recognize, assess and question propaganda—and to be able to inform others.

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Southern Californians, I need your help here.  I’ve been seeing a TV commercial (airing in the greater-LA viewing area for the last week), in which a middle-aged woman – not a senior; a tad zaftig; with dark salt-and-pepper hair – lauds Obamacare as the reason she is alive today.  Her story involves having a preexisting condition, which prevented her from getting private insurance.  From the standpoint of actual truth, of course, the condition would not have prevented her from having access to Medicaid (or to California’s medical assistance programs, if she lives here) – and what Medicaid does or doesn’t cover is the government’s fault, and could be changed (or exchanges for clients with preexisting conditions created) without implementing Obamacare.

At any rate, I don’t know if this transparent propaganda is airing elsewhere.  I resolved to research this commercial,

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