Education & Anesthesia

Yawning newborn baby

I know reading about education
can sometimes become positively
anesthetizing so let me wake you
up for a minute.

Did you know that Linda Darling-Hammond, an educational colleague of Bill Ayers, has had a central role in working to nationalize education through the Common Core State Standards program?

Did you know that Common Core is part of the Obama administration’s work to implement regionalism? (If you’re unfamiliar with the Sustainable Communities Initiative redistribute the wealth plan, Stanley Kurtz will bring you up to speed).

Did you know that although national databases on individuals are prohibited, state longitudinal data systems, encouraged by the federal government, are in place?

Are you awake yet?

Whether or not you have children, read The Radical Fingerprints On Common Core and ask yourself what the answers to those questions imply for this country.

The progressives have been working toward this moment for a long time.

I’ve also written about Common Core’s fiscal insanity, control without accountability, question- able curriculum quality, use as propaganda, and ongoing work in states to stop it.

Please stay awake.

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