Answering the Questions Driving the Debate On Marriage

White RoseToday in Morning Bell: Make Your Voice Heard for Marriage, Ryan Anderson linked to this pamphlet from The Heritage Foundation, What You Need To Know About Marriage: Questions and Answers Driving the Debate. It’s excellent. You can read it at his link.

Working with the National Organization for Marriage, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Family Research Council, Heritage has produced a short pamphlet making the case for marriage in everyday language. It helps you articulate what your heart knows. And it walks you through the most frequently asked questions—the things you’re likely to hear from neighbors and friends. You can read and download the pamphlet online.

Anderson also links to an article he co-authored with Bill Beach: We Don’t Need to Redefine Marriage to Fix Policy Problems.

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UPDATE: These are the three big questions answered in the Heritage pamphlet:

1. What is marriage?

2. Why does marriage matter to the government?

3. What are the consequences of redefining marriage?

Ryan Anderson answers these questions in greater detail in:

What are your thoughts?

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