La Manif Pour Tous 24 March

Today La Manif Pour Tous, The March For All, held their third march in Paris. They’ve reported 1,400,000 marchers. Here are some of the Mariannes.

La Manif Marianne

Marianne is the allegorical figure of the French Republic. Under the guise of a woman wearing a Phrygian cap, Marianne embodies the French Republic and represents the French Republican values in the motto: “liberty, equality, fraternity”.

I wrote about their massive marches of November and January in Manif Pour Tous: Don’t Lie to Children. Today’s photographs of La Manif Pour Tous are from their Live site and Twitter. Translations are from the Bing Translator with some help from my daughter!

La Manif Frigide Barjot

Frigide Barjot rencontre les premiers manifestants. La joie des retrouvailles depuis le 13 janvier!” Frigid Barjot meets the first protesters. The joy of reunion since 13 January!

…their most vocal spokeswoman is a colorful character who goes by the name “Frigide Barjot” (“Crazy Frigid,” a play on the name of the famous actress Brigitte Bardot).

La Manif Marchers

La Manif Tugdual Derville

Tugdual Derville is a spokesman for La Manif Pour Tous.

La Manif Balconies

La Manif Marching Crowd

La Manif Arc de Triomphe

La Manif Mariannes Torches


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