Marriage In Washington, D.C. This Week

March for Marriage Badge 260Tomorrow begins the two-day SCOTUS hearings on marriage. You’ll find information on the two cases being heard on Proposition 8 and DOMA, and the amicus briefs filed defending marriage in:

The Upcoming SCOTUS Hearings On Marriage

Over 50 Amicus Briefs Defending Marriage Filed With SCOTUS

The March For Marriage is being held tomorrow in Washington, D. C.

I’ll be updating and writing as much as I’m able. Pray for these events and those involved. I’ll be putting up another post about praying shortly.

Expect to see a media circus, but that’s to be expected. Be ready this week for an opportunity to talk about what marriage is with your neighbors and colleagues. In Morning Bell: Make Your Voice Heard for Marriage, Ryan Anderson linked to this pamphlet from The Heritage Foundation, What You Need To Know About Marriage: Questions and Answers Driving the Debate. You’ll find some great thinking and answers there.


What are your thoughts?

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