March For Marriage Tuesday!

March For Marriage 03 26At the beginning of today’s March For Marriage in Washington, D. C., Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, told the crowd that they could expect to encounter supporters of same-sex “marriage” and members of Westboro Baptist Church.

“We condemn in the strongest terms any hatred toward any individual in any way,” he said. And people might try to stop their progress. If that happened, “we will simply kneel down and pray,” he said. “We will kneel down and pray.”

Betsy Woodruff writes that they did indeed meet opposition, and there was a minor scuffle, but when they could no longer move forward those at the front did, indeed, kneel down and pray in front of the Supreme Court building.

Brown told me later that they’d planned to make speeches in front of the Supreme Court and had set up a portable podium, but that pro-gay-marriage protesters rushed the podium and kept them from using it. So they ditched the speeches and processed in front, wrapping back around the Capitol and returning to the Mall for more speeches and praise music.

“This is perfect!” Brown told me. “This is perfect! We got a rally down here, we marched right in front of the court, they heard us, perfect. It couldn’t have gone better.”

Woodruff also learned from Brown that over 10,000 people came today. While the D.C. march was far smaller than the one held in France on Sunday and I think we can learn from the French éclat, remember that “All told, the people of 41 states have affirmed the conjugal view of marriage by direct voting or through their representatives.” Through their votes American citizens have marched for marriage for years.

Diamond Border
UPDATE: This refers to yesterday’s march.

UKDailyMail: “Christian Opponents Easily Outnumbering Advocates for Gay Marriage”

You would never have known this except for the British news. Here’s the original Daily Mail article:

PUNCHES fly as gay marriage advocates and opponents clash outside Supreme Court while landmark case is heard inside

Midway through a National Organization protest in front of the US Supreme Court building, punches flew. One, which landed on the face of a marcher, was thrown by gay marriage advocate Sergei Kostin, a former Occupy DC member whom a source in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department described as a ‘professional activist.’

The other was a gut-punch that Kostin told MailOnline provoked him – one that no one else saw. If that punch flew, one observer countered, however, it’s not clear how hard it could have been.

The top photograph is from the NC Values Coalition twitter. You can view more photographs at the NOM Blog.


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