The State of Marriage In The States

All told, the people of 41 states have affirmed the conjugal view of marriage by direct voting or through their representatives.”

I’ve been looking for a list of where each state stands on marriage, and via LifeSite News I’ve found two posts at Family Research Council that combine to make a list. I created the map from the lists that are in Peter Sprigg’s post Clarifying the Count of Marriage Amendments and Referenda from May 18, 2012. Read the post for his walk-through of some of the states’ legal battles. I modified that list from May with his post of November 26, 2012, The Irony of the November 2012 Marriage Votes.

Marriage Map March.svg

Color Key (categories from Sprigg’s May 18, 2012 post)

20 states: Number of states in which the state constitution prevents legal recognition of same-sex marriages, civil unions, or domestic partnerships.

20 states + 10 states = 30 states: Number of states in which the state constitution defines civil marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

20 states + 10 states + 1 state = 31 states: Number of states which have amended their state constitutions to prevent legalization of same-sex marriage. (Hawaii amendment (1998) reserving the definition of marriage to the legislature).

20 states + 10 states + 1 state+ 1 state = 32 states: Number of states where voters have, either explicitly or implicitly, rejected the legalization of same-sex marriage. (Iowa judicial retention election (2010), removing state Supreme Court judges who voted to impose same-sex marriage).

20 states + 10 states + 1 state + 1 state + 9 states = 41 states: Number of states where marriage remains the union of a man and a woman under state law. (There was no list in Sprigg’s post, only a final count, and so to the best of my knowledge I identified the remaining 9 states. I’ll let you know if I need to update the map).

Last November Minnesota failed to pass a marriage amendment to its state’s constitution, but its citizens are still fighting to defend marriage. Minnesota For Marriage is an excellent site. Check out their pages Why Marriage Matters, Threat to Marriage, and Myths & Facts.

The National Organization For Marriage has an Advocacy Center and an Across the States page that keeps up with the latest news. There are battles going on in several states right now.

Do not buy the inevitability meme. I deliberately chose to do a series on propaganda because of its continual use by the Left. There’s a reason why those who want to redefine marriage went to SCOTUS. The legislative process is long and slow, and its an uphill battle for them, especially as more of their agenda becomes clear and arguments defending marriage become sharper. The Left has been doing this for a long time—go to the courts and have liberal judges make law by fiat.

Keep working and talking. Don’t be discouraged. Pray.


What are your thoughts?

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