Parents, Not Breeders

“Breeders” is a epithet hurled at parents by some homosexuals. Ironically the reality is quite the opposite. Robert Lopez translated a column from Boulevard Voltaire in Voltaire accuses gay marriage enthusiasts of animalizing children. It was one of the best things I’ve read about children, their biological roots and identity, and why surrogate procreation depersonalizes and damages children. I previously used a small quote from his post in Manif Pour Tous: Don’t Lie to Children, but after writing this week about marriage uniting a man and a woman in respect to children and family life, I think all of this impassioned column of common sense and profound insight is worth reading, and so my daughter translated it for me.

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Parents : éleveurs de bourricots interchangeables ?

Altana Otovic, Boulevard Voltaire, January 17, 2013

Parents: breeders of interchangeable donkeys?

Dear insane people defending assisted medical procreation (PMA) and surrogate gestation (GPA):*

Society has admitted, in the name of progress, that the child is a full-fledged person. Since you are the former [society], and you make yourselves out to be the defenders of the latter [the child], tell me: under what pretext do you want to allow the fabrication of a child from many detached pieces, denying children their unique interests and needs?

Children come from a father and a mother. And in spite of your vain attempts to train eternal nature, this rule always escapes your deadly and pretentious “progress.”

One shares half of one’s genetic makeup with each of one’s parents. Whether you like it or not, parents are not simple breeders of interchangeable donkeys. Parents are beginning and root, genesis and lodestar. From the incontestable genetic relationship follows a spiritual and visceral bond. This “family resemblance” that halos the faces of a father and a son is only the physical imprint of an immortal link.

You argue that the families without “a papa and a mama” are legion: widowhood and single-parenthood are often the cause. Learn that between accepting this deprivation that presents itself to us and knowingly provoking it by causing the birth of a child outside of these benchmarks,* there is one major difference: will. While the first circumstance is inflicted, the second is selfishly caused.

You then evoke sterile couples. Know that, except in a minority of cases, the mass of hetero- sexuals are fertile by nature, that is not the case for the homosexual, where procreation requires systematic subterfuge and artificial resources. If sterility is a sad anomaly for the former, it is the norm without exception for the latter. Therefore understand the language of nature which is shamed and ignored: the begetting of children only comes from a heterosexual couple. If the homosexual holds to his claim of his particular orientation, why not assume that what follows is destined?

You want to put before the feet of the State that there are already families with homosexual parents and that we must let them legally acknowledge their children. But what vile creature obligated them to make those children? And secondly to pour their sniveling on the feet of the nation whose law they have knowingly ignored! When we get away with civil disobedience— such a noble thing—against the State, we do not come to beg its aid.

You retort: “Homosexuals also long to be parents, even if nature does not permit them!” In the name of that which you seem to call injustice, you wish to inflict on an innocent child still greater unjust circumstances!

Though I reprove all interference in the life of another, your madnesses have the drab and disgraceful crust of blind ideas that no one would pursue except by a desire seen under the artificial light of imagined progress.

Altana Otovic, January 17 2013


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UPDATE: If you’re wondering why the French used a photograph of a pregnant woman with a UPC code emblazoned across her abdomen, surrogacy gestation is a business. It’s not a business used only by homosexuals, either—others put their so-called rights to children ahead of the well-being of children, severing a child from his identity. Parents truly are beginning and root, genesis and lodestar for their children.

From Robert Lopez and Papa Maman at English Manif:
Defenders of Children’s Rights Brutalized by French Police on the Day Same-Sex Marriage is Passed by French Senate, April 12, 2013.
From Marriage for All to Mirage for all: Towards the Manufacturing of Adoptable Children, March 17, 2013.
Via English Manif: India bans gay foreign couples from surrogacy, January 18, 2013, on “surrogacy tourism.”
*The original French salutation is: Chers insensés défendant la procréation médicalement assistée (PMA) et la gestation par autrui (GPA). PMA is used as an abbreviation for procreation medically assisted, or using our English syntax, medically assisted procreation (MAP). GPA is an abbreviation for gestation for others, translated sometimes as simply surrogacy.

The same word, repère(s), is translated two different ways in these sentences, first as lodestar and then as benchmarks. Repère(s): compass/landmark/lodestone/benchmark. It literally means something which is a point you can find your way back to, something that tells you where you are. I substituted the word lodestar for lodestone because I think it’s more commonly known.

Mother with UPC code cropped from photograph at Boulevard Voltaire.
An Ordnance Survey cut benchmark in Edinburgh, Scotland. © 2004, Jeremy Atherton. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

The term bench mark, or benchmark, originates from the chiseled horizontal marks that surveyors made in stone structures, into which an angle-iron could be placed to form a “bench” for a leveling rod, thus ensuring that a leveling rod could be accurately repositioned in the same place in the future. These marks were usually indicated with a chiseled arrow below the horizontal line….

The height of a benchmark is calculated relative to the heights of nearby benchmarks in a network extending from a fundamental benchmark. A fundamental benchmark is a point with a precisely known relationship to the level datum of the area, typically mean sea level. The position and height of each benchmark is shown on large-scale maps.


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