Super Bowl XLIV and “The Rest Of The Story”

In 2010 a Super Bowl ad angered the Left before it was even aired because Pam Tebow would be in it with her son, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Why? You may remember the background to the ad: Pam and her husband Bob had been missionaries in the Philippines when Pam came down with amoebic dysentery and went into a coma. Medication was given before the doctors were aware she was pregnant. It was stopped, but she was still advised to abort the baby because doctors thought the baby had already been harmed by the drugs she had been given and that she herself might not survive the pregnancy. Pam refused to have an abortion, and the baby, Tim, was born in August 1987, not only healthy, but a baby who grew up to win the Heisman.

Well, the ad ran—an interview with Bob and Pam Tebow was online—and the ad was funny and sweet and Pam’s “miracle baby” Tim was there being a pro-life ad by his very existence. Thanks to the publicity given to it by the Left millions knew about the ad ahead of time and were waiting to see it.

I thought you might be interested in this follow-up to the ad! Thursday morning at Jill Stanek‘s site I found a video and a link to A Super Bowl Blessing at Focus On The Family.

Five years ago, Susan went to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl. She was pregnant, scared and alone. That night, she watched Focus on the Family’s commercial featuring Tim Tebow, and her life would never be the same….

Avita Grace was born that September. It was love at first sight.

Avita is 4 now, and she has brought joy, fun and faith to her mother’s life. The little girl loves frilly dresses and bows in her hair, coloring books and talking about Jesus. As a working single mom, Susan now has less money, less sleep, less time, more laundry, more dishes and lots more cleaning. But it’s all drowned out by the limitless love she’s been given.

“I think about the commercial, Tim Tebow and the people from Focus daily,” Susan says. “I am so grateful. If there hadn’t been a Super Bowl commercial, if I hadn’t been at the party, if someone had responded to my email in a different way . . .

“I will never be able to express the gratitude and love that I feel.”

Pam and Bob had years of preparation before they were faced with the pressure of a difficult pregnancy. As students at the University of Florida, they were both active in Campus Crusade for Christ, in fact, Bob helped start the UF chapter of CCC in 1966 in the days when campuses were roiled by Vietnam protests and groups like the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). It’s an understatement to say that debate and interchange was vigorous, and Christians were in a pressure cooker explaining and living their faith to classmates and professors. The Tebows were married the day Pam graduated from college, and Bob eventually became a pastor.

You never know where life will take you. At the time when Pam and Bob trusted God with their unborn baby, they didn’t know Timmy would grow up to win the Heisman. They didn’t know their decision would give them and Tim a platform from which to speak for life and of their faith in Christ. They didn’t know that ad would save a little girl’s life. Over two decades ago they were being faithful and trusting God with the life He had given them. That’s all they knew at the time, but in 2010 they spoke to millions, and at least one lonely and scared and pregnant young woman watched that ad and chose life for her baby.

“And now you know the rest of the story.”


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIV and “The Rest Of The Story”

  1. My thought is….why do we have such a hard time trusting God when things get tough? Hasn’t he shown himself to be good, and powerful, and generous? I want to honor and bless him with a totally trusting heart…

  2. Hi Caroline! Thanks for dropping by and for your thoughtful comment. As a beginning thought, we have a hard time trusting God precisely because those times are tough. There are numerous things that can weigh on us and be very difficult. We’re vulnerable to doubt because of our physical and emotional limitations, and because of those issues and areas of our lives that we find easiest to sin and hardest to obey.

  3. God enables and encourages us through His Word–as we learn it and know it, He is literally “truthing” us in our minds and hearts and changing us to trust Him and persevere in those tough times. We also need other Christians with whom we can be of mutual encouragement. We all have different weaknesses with which we need help, and we each have strengths and share.

    My own family is coming out of some lean, hard years. I’ve also been through many extended family stresses and some physical problems. At another blog I’ve written a great deal about suffering. Anchor of Hope and Christmas Tears are a couple of posts you might check out, and Journey Through The Storm is a collection of posts that I pulled together and commented on. They contain Scripture, my reflections, and quotes from books that have given me insight and encouraged me. I’ve I hope you find something helpful, and I’ll be praying for you. I’ve got to run, but I’ll check back later this evening.

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