Todd Starnes Teases New Cruz Endorsement Tonight

No, I don’t think he means himself. I was discussing this with my husband, and after thinking over any major national evangelicals likely to endorse Cruz, I told him I thought it would be either Russell Moore or Tony Perkins. (The tweets below reflect Central Time, because that’s where I am).

I’m going with Perkins. He’s tweeted that he has a big announcement tonight on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox News.

UPDATE: Yes, Tony Perkins is endorsing Ted Cruz for President.

Here is Perkins’ full statement as he posted on facebook:

“I am personally endorsing Ted Cruz for President of the United States.
Here is why:

“Ted is a constitutional conservative who will fight for faith, family and freedom. He will defend our right to believe and live according to those beliefs. Our families will be protected and freedom will once again mean something in America.

“I trust Ted to fight to pull America out of the political and cultural tailspin that President Obama’s policies have put us in. This is no normal election; this election is about the very survival of our Constitution and our republic.

“The next president will likely appoint two or three justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, which will impact our nation for decades to come. Unfortunately, previous Republican presidents have either been unable to identify liberal jurists in conservative clothing or have been unwilling to fight for true conservative nominees.

“This is not a problem that Democratic presidents have had. Can you name one liberal democratic appointment to the High Court who turned out to be a conservative?

“Ted understands the Constitution and the Supreme Court better than any candidate in this race. He has argued nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and has authored 70 Supreme Court briefs. Not only can he spot liberal jurists; he is a fighter who will ensure constitutionalists who respect the rule of law are seated on the Court.

“I supported Ted when he was an underdog candidate in his race for the U.S. Senate in Texas because I saw in him what the Senate needed — someone who had the intellectual firepower, who would not back down in keeping his promises to govern based upon conservative principles.

“Too many people come to Washington and forget the people who sent them here. Ted is not one of them. Our relationship has grown over the last few years as we’ve worked together to end ObamaCare, preserve religious liberty, protect our military and promote the family as central to America’s future. Our frequent conversations are not all policy and politics, they are often personal and at times they’ve been marked with prayer.

“Ted Cruz’s conservative rhetoric matches his conservative record. He is exactly the leader America needs to lead this nation to greatness again.

“No one in this race is better prepared and better positioned to win the Republican nomination and turn America around than Ted Cruz.

“This is why I am supporting Ted Cruz for President.”


What are your thoughts?

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