Sen. Ben Sasse on the Constitution and Character

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) began his Congressional term as senator a year ago. He’s in Iowa this week. Earlier today he was on MSNBC. Here’s the video via the Daily Signal post In Under 90 Seconds, Sen. Ben Sasse Defines Conservatism.

Earlier this week Sasse began grilling asking Trump questions on the Constitution, policy, and character. If you missed them, Dan McLaughlin has collected the tweets here.

The questions gleaned from his tweets include:

  1. You said you want single-payor “govt pays4everyone” HCare. If that isnt your position now when did it change?Why?
  2. You’ve said you “hate the concept of guns.” Why the change? When did it happen? What’s the 2nd Amendment mean to you?
  3. A few yrs ago u proposed $6trillion tax hike. Still want to do that? Agree w/ Biden that higher taxes=more patriotism?
  4. You brag abt many affairs w/ married women. Have you repented? To harmed children & spouses? Do you think it matters?
  5. I believe 1 of the most damaging things POTUS Obama did is ignore Constitution, act on his own,& bypass Congress. Next GOP POTUS must roll this back & reaffirm a Constitutional system b4 we lose this special inheritance forever. Do you agree that exec unilateralism is very bad? Because you talk A LOT about “running the country” as though 1 man shld “run America.”
    Will you commit to rolling back Exec power & undoing Obama unilateral habit?
  6. Obama Admin has used Nixon-style tactics on opponents. You say, If someone screws you, screw them back harder. As Pres, would you use the tools of the federal govt against opponents? We don’t a Republican version of Obama, or another Nixon.

Before he added question 6 this evening, Sasse had written:

…America doesnt need a strongman. We need a Constitution. Someone who knows the meaning of America isnt what happns inDC–but what happens when free people come together 2secure ordered liberty…

Here’s Sasse’s last tweet of the night:


What are your thoughts?

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