Rhetoric v. Reality

We may not be able to stop the onslaught of manipulation from politicians and bias from the media, but we can grow in our ability to perceive differences between words and deeds. We can also learn to explain to others how we sort through truth and lies.

Truth & Research Library of CongressOver three years ago I did a series on propaganda, and I’ve found that posts in the series consistently remain among the most frequently read. Links to those posts are in the header, but I haven’t looked back at them in a while to check links or to see if any need editing and updates. Because we’re in the throes of presidential primaries, I’ve decided to revise and republish them, and write a few new ones along the way.

Being able to withstand the use of propaganda isn’t a superfluous skill. Sorting rhetoric from reality helps us to recognize attempts to manipulate us and maneuver past scrutiny. It’s vital to our well being as individuals and as a nation to learn, discern, and then vote.
The south set of bronze doors at the main entrance to the Library of Congress depict “Truth” and “Research.”

What are your thoughts?

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