Grading Republican Candidates On Common Core

CCReportCard The PulseThree years ago I began writing about Common Core, the effort to implement a nationalized school system with curriculum, testing, and funds under federal government control. This has been a goal of progressives since the days of John Dewey in the 1800’s. Dewey and his cohorts gradually gained enough influence over the educational system to assist in giving birth to the radical generation of the 1960’s. That generation has gained enough political power to attempt to remake the country at all levels. Common Core is the progressives’ attempt to checkmate parents and local control of education.

Last August (a project of American Principles in Action) and New Hampshire’s Cornerstone Action issued a Common Core report card evaluating all of the then-Republican presidential candidates. I’d missed this, but searched for it when today Shane Vander Hart of Truth In American Education tweeted that Ted Cruz was the only A- candidate still standing. Indeed, the next candidate listed who is still in the race is Carson with a B-. Of the other top tier candidates, Trump also has a B-, while Rubio lags behind with a C.

These were the questions they asked in grading the candidates:

1.) Have they spoken out and acted against Common Core?

2.) Do they understand and have they made a specific commitment to protect state and local control of education from further federal intrusion?

3.) What efforts has the candidate made to protect student and family privacy interests against the rising demands of industry and central planners for more personal student data?

Further details are at the above link. I was unable to access the pdf of the full report, but the links on each candidate at the bottom of the post still work.

Here is their summary of Cruz, Trump, and Rubio. Again, more details on positions and policies of each candidate are at the links.

So how did Ted Cruz do?

Ending the Common Core System: A-
Protecting State and Local Decision Making: A
Protecting Child and Family Privacy: B+

Overall Grade: A-

So how did Donald Trump do?

Ending the Common Core System: B-
Protecting State and Local Decision Making: B
Protecting Child and Family Privacy: C

Overall Grade: B-

So how did Marco Rubio do?

Ending the Common Core System: C+
Protecting State and Local Decision Making: B
Protecting Child and Family Privacy: D

Overall Grade: C

It’s important to note that Cruz and Rubio had taken legislative actions that could be evaluated, not just stump speeches. Trump’s statements as a candidate are the basis for his evaluation. While Trump has not held office, he could have literally put his money where his mouth is on Common Core. Bill Gates certainly had no problem doing so in supporting Common Core.

Education is never seen as a glamorous policy to discuss. Yet when people start talking about problems with low information voters and lack of educational and analytical skills, they need to stop and realize the enormous impact the American education system has had on the present state of the country. The progressives have known since the 1800’s that education was key to inculcating their ideas. Simply because an issue seems boring, doesn’t mean it’s not deadly.
Links to posts on education, Dewey, and Common Core are in the heading under Family. Go to the subheading of Children, and then to Education.


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