NH Primaries

I’m following Decision Desk HQ.


Here are the three that voted at midnight. (I’m in CST and Twitter shows that time on the tweets).

The below tweet is from exit polling at bellwether precincts. Most of the precincts closed at 7:00 EST.

At 8:00:

Trump winning NH was pretty much a forgone conclusion. The story will be how the rest of the Republican candidates do. Rubio’s strategy was 3-2-1: Third in Iowa, Second in New Hampshire, First in South Carolina. That’s not going to happen in New Hampshire.

The 10% threshold is very important.

New Hampshire has 23 total delegates that are awarded on a proportional basis to candidates that earn at least 10 percent of the vote.

If a candidate wins a delegate(s), but has a vote tally below 10%, then the delegate(s) goes to the winner.

Cruz was in third almost the entire night. Bush came in fourth, and Rubio in fifth place. The other candidates were under 10%. We’ll know the final tally on Wednesday as well as the allocation of delegates.



What are your thoughts?

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