Michelle Malkin Eviscerates Marco Rubio On Amnesty & H1-B Visas

Open borders, amnesty, and immigration are Michelle Malkin’s forte. These are her issues. She has written extensively on them in her columns and books. She has not just eviscerated Marco Rubio on his history on amnesty and H1-B visas, she has burned and scattered the ashes.

Below are quotes from three recent columns. The last was written not a week ago. Ongoing excuses for Rubio for the Gang of Eight bill include that he was duped by Chuck Schumer or that he was naive. He was not naive nor has he changed his mind. That’s quite clear after you read what Michelle has written.

Because Rubio has gone on to South Carolina to campaign, it’s very important that people see the reality behind his glossing over his history, past and present.

In December on the day after the debate dust-up between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, she wrote Open-borders money backs Marco Rubio (my emphases).

“Political analysis of the Las Vegas debate immigration dust-up between Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is missing a key ingredient: the money factor.

“You can read the lips of the candidates till the cows come home. But you’ll get to the truth much faster when you learn where pro-amnesty power brokers have placed their bets and hitched their wagons.

“Rubio’s brazenly fraudulent campaign to paint Cruz as soft on illegal immigration is a flabbergasting attempt to distract from the Florida junior senator’s faithful allegiance to the open-borders donor class.

“Here’s what you need to know:

Facebook, Microsoft and Silicon Valley back Marco Rubio. Mark Zuckerberg is a social justice CEO who panders to Hispanics with his pro-amnesty, anti-deportation advocacy; Facebook is an H-1B visa dependent company working hard to obliterate hurdles to hiring an unlimited stream of cheap foreign tech workers. It’s no coincidence that Facebook’s lobbying outfit, FWD.us, was waging war on Sen. Cruz online this week in parallel with Sen. Rubio’s disingenuous onstage attack.

“The D.C. front group, which Zuckerberg seeded in 2013 with nearly $40 million during the Gang of Eight fight, has consistently provided political protection for Rubio as he carried their legislative water…

Paul Singer backs Marco Rubio…Amnesty is and always has been a top agenda item for Singer, who helped fund the National Immigration Forum along with fellow hedge fund billionaire George Soros.…”

Michelle goes on to provide many, many more details, and as she usually does, embeds links in her column to establish those details.

“Bottom line?

Cruz kept his promise to voters. He voted against the Gang of Eight giveaway. Period.

Rubio broke his promise

Rubio didn’t just vote for the bill. He and his staff were integral to crafting it, shilling for it, and cashing in on the legislative boondoggle dubbed a “permanent pension plan for immigration lawyers.”

“When you need the truth about which Beltway crapweasels are selling out America, always follow the money.

Michelle did not stop there. From January 18, Marco Rubio’s Second Worse Immigration bill is about Rubio and H1-B visas that allow companies to hire non-immigrant foreign workers in specialty occupations (her emphasis).

“While he disingenuously claimed at last week’s GOP debate in South Carolina that he had seen the light on immigration over the past 24 months, Sen. Rubio remains co-sponsor of yet another foreign worker visa expansion bill that threatens both our economic and national security…

The Hatch-Rubio-Microsoft legislation would increase the H-1B quota from 65,000 to 115,000. In addition, the bill automatically adds up to 50,000 additional visas a year whenever the quota is reached, using a convoluted system similar to the Gang of Eight plan (the quota can be lowered by up to 20,000 if the quota is not reached). The effect is that the annual limit immediately rises to 165,000. The bill allows annual limits to rise up to 245,000 per year in the future

Instead of attacking presidential rival and fellow GOP Sen. Ted Cruz for moving in the right direction and joining Sen. Sessions on a bill to protect American workers, Rubio should be running as far away from the special interest I-Squared bill as possible…

Last week on February 4, she published Exposed: Open-borders GOP lobbyists attack Sessions, Cruz.

“Today, the GOP-funded American Action Forum published an open-borders propaganda piece attacking Sens. Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz’s “anti-immigrant” (translation: pro-American worker) bill reforming the fraud-riddled H-1B program. The group also went after another Sessions bill that would address the Dig Your Own Grave effect spotlighted by high-tech U.S. workers like the Disney employees now suing the entertainment giant and its Indian offshore outsourcing partners…

“The “American Action Forum” is one of many patriotic-sounding D.C. lobbying groups that puts Big Business and foreign guest workers’ interests above those of our own best and brightest…

“One of AAF’s most prominent board members? Immigration expansionist Jeb Bush…

“…the Donor Class and H-1B myth machine are rallying around Rubio to protect their cheap foreign labor racket at both ends of the wage scale.

“Remember: The job creation and growth these pro-amnesty, pro-H-1B expanding Washington front groups care most about are their own.”

I will be writing more about Rubio on these issues, including my perspective as a Floridian who voted for him in his U.S. Senate campaign.


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