Ted Cruz: Constitution Man

One of my favorite Ronald Reagan stories was the one he told about a boatload of Communist refugees who were taken aboard the carrier Midway. When one of them saw a sailor, he said, “Hello, American sailor. Hello, freedom man.” That’s amazing, isn’t it? Freedom has been so intertwined with our identity, that that sailor was seen as a freedom man.

Cruz campaignI thought of that story last night when I saw this tweet from Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur at the Cruz Houston rally, “I asked 11 Cruz voters after his Houston rally why they support him; 10 immediately brought up the Constitution. Uncanny.” He later tweeted, “it’s unusual to have that kind of near unanimity in candidate rationale.”

It’s not so unusual—not for those who support Ted Cruz. Those who have listened and read about Cruz know of his depth of knowledge of the Constitution and his ironclad commitment to it.

My husband and I were at that rally, and we spent some time talking with Lloyd Marcus. After we introduced ourselves, he asked us why we were supporting Ted Cruz. My husband said because Cruz will hold to the Constitution. Marcus’ eyes lit up when we said that.

David Dewhurst who was defeated by Ted Cruz in the 2012 U. S. Senate race tweeted:

Last week Jay Nordlinger wrote, “But I know — I know — that Ted Cruz will walk through fire and chew on glass to do what is necessary for the freedom of this country.”

You know what a free people need the most? A Constitution Man as President. We need a President who will walk through fire and chew on glass to faithfully execute his office, and “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

After over seven years of seeing Obama usurp power while Congress goes along for the ride, and the Supreme Court persists in its diktats, we who support Ted Cruz know he’ll give big government the civics lesson it’s needed for a long time.

Today I’m voting for Ted Cruz for President. I hope you will, too, because Freedom Men and Freedom Women need this Constitution Man for President.

Ted Cruz: Constitution Man for President.


What are your thoughts?

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