An Unexpected Hiatus

It certainly wasn’t my intention to take a pause from posting just as the March Republican primaries began their rapid-fire succession, but two days after I wrote Ted Cruz: Constitution Man I fell and broke both arms. I’m now recovering from surgery in a nursing/rehab facility.

I’ve been able to follow events, but finishing drafts and starting new posts has been beyond me. I’m writing this one with the aid of the mic on my phone, but as you know a mic’s translation of speech can lead to some hilarious malapropisms that require time-consuming corrections.

This week I’ve been able to do some retweets and to write a few tweets, but I have to hold off on writing anything longer until I regain more use of my hands and arms.

Providentially, my surgeon thinks I will regain full range of motion in both arms, but to say the least, I’m slowed down at the moment! I’ll continue to tweet as I am able, and I will start writing again as soon as that’s possible.

I am very grateful to God for His sustaining help during these last few weeks, and I would appreciate your prayers for my ongoing healing.

Please continue to pray with me in petitioning God for his mercy and grace in this great time of need for our nation.

Thank you!



4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Hiatus

  1. Inc, I’m very sorry to hear about your fall and injuries, wow both arms. I just recently heard about this and I had to find your site info on my messily organized computer. I hope you are healing well,( I once fell like that slamming both arms down hard, like a ton of bricks but was very lucky I was told that didn’t break anything, sure had very sore shoulders and that took the brunt of the shock in falling) anyway I just want to wish you well and a speedy recovery. I hope you will find your way to Axe’s site( or(, I know everyone will be glad to see you. I for one miss your posts.
    On another really sad note, I am not sure if you heard about OC ( Omaha Conservative ) that he passed away on March 15th from a heart attack. We are very sad and miss him much.
    Well I hope to see you show up soon, all my best to you
    Bakokitty ( from HA and now from Hot Gas)

  2. Hi Bakokitty!

    Thank you! I just saw your comment tonight as I haven’t checked in very often. I have to use my phone & its the mic to make comments and that can be sort of a laborious process.

    I’m so very sorry to hear about OC. Of course I knew about his operation last year and his long hard time with his health, but it is still a shock. If his wife ever comments at Axe’s site please give her my sincere sympathy and condolences.

    I had commented just a few times at Axe’s before I fell. Right now I’m still in rehab I hope to go home within the next couple of weeks. My splints are off, and I’m currently in physical therapy to work on balance and strengthening my right ankle and occupational therapy to regain range of motion. My surgeon does think that I will regain full range of motion for which I’m very grateful.

    I was in a car accident many years ago and an after effect was that my right ankle and hip have always been slightly weak, and I think that was part of why I fell. I stepped on the sidewalk in the wrong place at a crack in my foot kind of went down funny.

    My big battle has not so much been with pain but with nausea–a reaction to the pain and to the pain meds.

    Because my daughter works in a library she’s had mostly afternoon and evening hours so she comes in the morning and helps me get ready for the day and my husband comes after work.

    After I leave here I’ll be under the care of a rehab doctor and I’m sure I’ll be in more occupational therapy as an outpatient. I just don’t know how long the recovery process will be.

    Thanks again for leaving your comment, and I hope to be talking with you again in the future. At some point I will get back to Axe’s.


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