Procreation & Gestation

…today many believe they not only have a “right” to a child but to the child they want.
The rights of children trump the rights to children.

Mother UPC Code Narrow

The conception of children by a man and woman who are united in marriage is being bypassed today through the manufacturing of children as commodities for purchase by those who believe they have the right to a child. The child himself receives short shrift as no consideration is made of the emotional and spiritual impact of loss of identity on the child in not knowing his parental and familial lineage, and in being dehumanized as a product of science rather than a miracle of love. Nor are the ethics concerning the manufacturing and destruction of human embryos given weight. Here are links to posts, websites, and news and commentary on medically assisted procreation (MAP), in vitro fertilization (IVF), and surrogacy.



New & Commentary:

Thanks to Robert Lopez and Papa Mamam of English Manif for many of the links.
Mother with UPC code cropped from photograph at Parents: éleveurs de bourricots interchangeables? by Altana Otovic, Boulevard Voltaire, January 17, 2013.

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