Premature infantAbortion is a matter of life and death. It is an irrevocable decision affecting not only the mother and father, but the family, the com- munity, and the nation. We may deny, but we cannot avoid this reality. There are facts to be brought out and placed in plain view. When we speak on abortion we are crying out, yes, there is right and wrong; yes, there is good and evil; yes, choices have life and death consequences. We are crying out to a politically correct and self-centered society that you must make decisions based not on expediency or self interest, but on well-being of someone else. We are crying out to an ethically pragmatic society that there is propositional truth, and there are actions that are right, and there are actions that are wrong.

Abortion brings a real and true moral guilt. Our society is not used to letting guilt describe the results of actions. Moral statements about actions are pushed away and derided as statements of condemnation and judgment that are wrong because we want to avoid having any action be wrong. To acknowledge that a wrong has been done in the taking of the life of an unborn child is to conclude there is real guilt. Guilt needs forgiveness from God. Seeking forgiveness follows the realization that you need it and desire it. Through the Lord Jesus Christ we can find forgiveness. Only then can the emotional and spiritual aftermath of abortion begin to heal.

Over the years advocates for unborn children have fought the battle on many fronts: scientific, political, personal and spiritual. They have extended help and counsel to pregnant women thinking of abortion, they have provided material needs for mothers and babies, they have comforted women in the aftermath of abortions, they have protested, they have worked for new laws, they have educated, they have persevered, they have prayed. Why? Because they care deeply and passionately about the life of human beings; because they believe in the intrinsic worth of each human being; because they believe each human being is created in the image of God and that to honor God, one must honor and protect life.

I firmly believe that the decay and destruction we are seeing within our country is in part both a symptom and a judgment on our nation for our wanton destruction of our defenseless little ones. Am I saying I know what God is doing? No, of course not—I’m not being so presump- tuous. I do know, however, from Scripture that there are times when God does give people up to follow their own rebellious ways, and that those ways lead to their destruction. One of my pastors once said, “God has morally underwritten the universe.” Only a society callous to the issues of life and death could elect and re-elect a man like Barack Obama. Only a society given over to self-interest could elect a Congress peopled with men and women given over to self-interests and party interests over the good interests of a nation. Only a society given over to doing whatever was right in their own eyes could foster rampant corruption and thirst for power within its relationships and structures. Only a society given over to seeking out and valuing ease and perfection could lose the meaning of the sacrifice of love and compassion. A society that fails to defend the unborn child is a society that is destroying itself.

The battle is long, and it is hard. Many of us would like it to be done, over and won. But that is not where we are. We are not each called to be on the front lines of this battle, nor are we usually called to fight it each hour. We can rest, but we cannot retreat. We cannot purchase a brief peace at the cost of life.

The word infant comes from a Latin word that means “unable to speak” or “speechless.” Be a voice for the speechless. Speak out for those unable to speak for themselves. Open your mouth for the mute.

Open your mouth for the mute,
For the rights of all the unfortunate.
Open your mouth, judge righteously,
And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.
Proverbs 31:8–9

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An intubated female premature infant born prematurely 26 weeks 6 days gestation, 990 grams. Photo taken at approximately 24 hours after birth. ceejayoz: GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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